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It's a No-Brainer

Learning I could INCREASE my credit score just by reporting my rental payments to my landlord was a no-brainer!

The process has been simple, their customer service team (including Brian!, hi!) is extremely encouraging and engaging, and although I rarely write reviews, the guys at Rental Kharma deserve all the success that will come their way in the coming days!

Thanks for everything,


Collins Family - First Time Home Buyers

Thank you so much Rental Kharma after all the headaches for giving us the final boost we needed to purchase our brand new home. Each time that I’ve spoken with one of your Customer Service Representatives they were always professional and handled each situation expeditiously. You all didn’t waste no time in getting my rental history reported. Once you verified with my landlord it was reported.

 You Guys Rock!

Brian Kimbrough - VA Loan

My name is Brian Kimbrough and I wanted to tell my story about Rental Kharma.

I started with my lowest credit score being 515. I couldn’t qualify for a mortgage since 2006 because of the Real Estate crash. My score was hit hard because my wife and I owned a few properties and we lost a lot of money. I have been renting for a while now and was ready to buy a home using my VA loan opportunity. I signed up for Rental Kharma. I went 2 years back and recorded what I am paying now.

I had the bank where I’m getting my VA loan with do a credit check 2 weeks ago. The loan officer told me on the phone that I qualified with my median credit score being 650! My scores were: Equifax-686, Experian-663, and TransUnion-643. Rental Kharma raised my score at least 80 points!!

Brooke & His Mortgage

I have tried for years to find someone who could place rent payments on to my credit report. I am on total Disability, and in 2006, everything fell apart due to loss of income. No matter how much I challenged or demanded verification (which helped) my score would just not move more than a point or two. I am trying to purchase a house, but only had a car payment for 16 months that was reporting and a very recent low limit secured card.

One day, January 2015, I again did a web search, yes, out of desperation! I stumbled upon Rental Kharma – I read their website, chatted to them on their chat page numerous times, sent emails (which were always answered if not the same day, usually by the next, or an apology for not being able to respond quicker due to a holiday). Rental Kharma understood and was willing to verify my rental payments.

My mortgage lender was shocked! With no other changes to my report, my score jumped 78 points! I am currently sitting at a Mortgage Lenders verified score of 667, more than enough to not only qualify for a mortgage, but a lot lower interest rate! Is this typical? I can not say. I have read other people’s comments and some did way better, some had only a little change. However, for me, it has been a God send.

Best of Luck, and please give Rental Kharma a chance to help your scores. – Brooke Rhodes 3/27/15

A Loan Officer's Perspective

I had a borrower who did not qualify for a loan due to her credit score. She was 40 points off what she needed. Desperate to boost the score we heard about the Rental Kharma program. My borrower quickly signed up and within 10 days her score was up the 40 points needed to put her loan on track to purchase the home! The cost was reasonable, and my borrower is ecstatic! I would have lost the loan otherwise. My realtor partner is thrilled with me, calling me the “miracle worker”. This will be a big lift to my business since many of the borrowers that come my way from referral partners are in the low six hundreds. This will allow them to qualify and close on homes where they previously had to wait months to work on credit issues. This is an amazing advantage to me as a loan officer!

Pam Keller, Waterstone Mortgage

Joseph's Harley Davidson

My name is Joseph Hayes and Rental Kharma saw to it that my rental history was reported in my credit report. After that I went to purchase a 2015 Harley Davidson with just $600.00 down. This was a blessing. I thank the Lord for Rental Kharma. I also would like to say thanks to Erik, who works for the company. He help me through it all. Thanks Erik for being a good sales person. You convinced me to give it a try and I did. Thanks again Erik.

Jacob & Leora Coleman's New Home

Thanks to Rental Kharma, Jacob’s credit went up fifty points and he was able to buy a new home!

“Because my credit score was so high, I was able to get a conventional loan with just 3% down. My loan officer was surprised because he said normally he can’t do conventional loans with people who are buying a house for the first time.

Just seeing that massive bump in one month when I started using Rental Kharma was the most interesting thing to me. Thirty points in one month is pretty significant.”

Jessica Bought a House!

My new house.

Thank you for the help building my credit.


Committed to Excellence

I would like to send a special thanks to Rental Kharma, when I first stumbled upon Rental Kharma I was a little confused about how submitting my rental history to them would help raise my score but after a little research on google I discovered that Rental Kharma had many customers who have had great success so I signed up and the very next day a representative contacted myself and my leasing management company to complete the process. Needless to say less than 45 days later my credit score jumped 97 points. I am so happy that Rental Kharma was there for me when I needed it most. Please Rental Kharma keep up the excellent work. I will gladly refer anyone to to your site.

Avalon Napier

Add Your Rent to Your Credit Report

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