How Long Does it Take?

Ongoing Reporting Only

  • Reporting ongoing payments is similar to opening a new credit card account. It takes a few months of reporting activity for your score to increase. 
  • This is because the credit scoring model sees this as a new account and no history established yet to reward you for your on-time payments. 
  • On average you will see a 29 point increase after the 2-3 months of ongoing reporting. You will see continued growth into the future.

Past & Ongoing Reporting

  • The best of both worlds
  • You get quick results for your past payment history
  • Average score increase is 40 points when you report 2 years of past history
  • Older rentals see the best results
  • Continue to build credit into the future
  • Renters that report 2 years of past history and 1 year ongoing see 100+ point increases on average.