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Here at Rental Kharma, we have a flat registration fee of just $50 per person, you can add a spouse or roommate for $25. The setup fee includes reporting up to 6 months of past history. 

Ongoing reporting is $8.95 per month, $5 more per month if you have a spouse or roommate. 

Past Reporting Option: Add all of your past rental payment history at your current rental for a one time fee of $60. The past reporting fee includes a spouse or roommate if you have one. If you been at your rental 1 year or less the past reporting fee is $30. 

We will contact your landlord or property manager and verify your rent payments. Every month we will confirm with your landlord or property manager your rent payment. Landlord Process, Property Manager Process

You get credit for your largest monthly expense, your rent payments. Good credit is priceless!

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