Rental Kharma makes it easy for you to report your rent if you are renting from an independent landlord. What is the process for an independent landlord? How does it work?

Initial Verification

First, we ask that you reach out to your landlord and let them know you are signing up for services with us. Ask them if they are willing to help you out! If you're a great tenant who pays on time, most of the time your landlord will be happy to work with us! 

Secondly, We need to ensure your landlord is the property owner. If your property is owned by an LLC then we need to speak with the registered agent of the property.  If your landlord is NOT the owner and manages the property, we will need you or the landlord to provide contact information for the property owners or registered agent.

Third, We will complete our quick and easy verification process. This is accomplished with either a 3-5 minute phone call or by sending a secure email link that your landlord can complete at their convenience. This verification process ensures we are speaking to the right person. No sensitive information is required and the verification process feels kind of like a quick survey!

Monthly Updates

Your landlord will need to verify your rent payments each month. It’s free and easy for your landlord to verify your rental payments. They can verify your rent on a monthly basis via text message, a phone call or an email.

What if my Landlord refuses?

If your landlord refuses to participate, or we are unable to verify your information, we do have a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you have any further questions or difficulties, send us a message via our online chat feature. It's the little orange bubble right down there in the bottom right corner! You can also reach us with a phone call at 720-307-1466.